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LTJ Bukem w/MC Conrad – Thurs 10/5/06 @ Ruby Skye

UPDATED: we have relocated to Ruby Skye where Bukem & Conrad have rocked the house several times in recent years! Hope to see you there…


Drum & Bass in the Main Room:

LTJ Bukem w/MC Conrad (Good Looking, UK)
Kuze (Still Doin’ It)
Compression DJs TBA soon (Club Compression)
DJ M (Still Doin’ It)
MC Child (Still Doin’ It)

Live Visuals by Mickey T (Drum Machine Museum)


Ruby Skye
420 Mason St @ Geary St, San Francisco [map]

More info TBA soon…


  1. Kuze says:

    Get ready for Saturday night MADNESS.

  2. been wit it sins da start says:

    After getting skipped in spring. Finally here on a Saturday. This may take multiple days over recovery.

  3. John Bas says:

    OH HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. spike says:

    i f’ing can’t wait. DAAAAAYAAAAM!!! btw, is there a dress code for this place? please tell me, “NO.”

  5. Kuze says:

    No dress code, but feel free to dress up for the occassion!

  6. Purple Power says:

    What’s the deal with buying tickets from the website… seems unsecure and sketchy since they lack any sort of secure transaction notices… Any suggestions.

  7. DJ M says:

    Ez Purple, we’re looking into it, will keep you posted.

  8. R says:

    i purchased tickets yesterday afternoon and was wondering why the site could not provide me with a confirmation number for my order…and today i notice that the event is postponed? anyone have the phone number to the venue/ticket office? thanks in advance.

  9. DJ M says:

    Hi R, I don’t know of a phone line but Temple has told us presale purchasers will be refunded soon on the credit card used to make the purchase.

    As far as secure transactions and confirmation numbers on the website, we hope Temple will sort out any technical issues for the next round of presale tix, or at least provide the option for ppl to purchase over the phone.

    Watch this space for updates as we get them, and if you need any further assistance feel free to drop me an email at and I’ll see what we can do.


  10. DJ M says:

    OK I’m told the contact # for Temple is 415-978-9953 and that the voicemail message will be updated as events roll out.

  11. R says:

    thanks for the response DJ M. im more upset about the show being cancelled than the situation dealing with ticket refunds. hopefully things will get sorted out and this event can get up and running soon. one.

  12. DJ M says:

    We’re back.. Oct 5th @ Ruby Skye.. be there! The sound system is INTENSE 🙂

  13. G-Man says:

    What ever happened with Temple?

  14. DJ M says:

    They haven’t opened to the public yet due to permit issues with the fire department. We decided it was in everyone’s best interest to move to Ruby this time around, although we hope to work with Temple as soon as all that gets cleared up.

    As far as I know, they have refunded all presale ticket buyers who asked for their money back. If anyone has troubles with this just let us know.

  15. Clipdat says:

    At Boobie Skye now?! ew.

    color me disappointed…

  16. Kuze says:

    If you haven’t been to see LTJ and Conrad at Ruby Skye before, you owe it to yourself to experience that venue on a night where it’s all about the music.

  17. DJ M says:

    Check out a few photos from Bukem & Conrad @ Ruby a year ago:

    As far as sound and lighting, Ruby just kills it.. they have four 6’x6′ stacks of EAW Avalon bassbins on the main floor.. it’s nuts.

  18. G-Man says:

    Been to every Bukem show at Ruby Skye. Sound and Lighting is great and its easy to get drinks. Always had a great time. Only thing that that sucks was last time security was kicking out hella people for smoking and being dicks about certain things. Also, Thursday night dnb leaves club well under capacity! This can be seen as a good thing or a bad one. We want to get the most support/crowd to goodlooking so they want to keep comin back?

  19. DJ M says:

    Yeah in general big clubs are more expensive and less available on Fri & Sat nights, plus it all depends on the artists’ availability, but I feel ya. Sat night was the original plan so hopefully next time. But these Thurs nights are some of the biggest D&B shows in the city so no complaints here =)

    As far as security what are you gonna do, for the most part they’re just doing their job. There’s a dedicated smoking room upstairs at Ruby so I’m not sure why anyone would tempt fate by smoking elsewhere. For anything else, ins and outs are permitted so just take it around the block! 😉

  20. D says:

    Hey everyone. Im new to SF and definatly looking forward to seeing Bukem on a bangin system. Just wanted to know if there was a strict dress code a Ruby Skye. I have never been, but it looks pretty posh.

  21. DJ M says:

    Nice one D. No dress code. 🙂

  22. Kuze says:

    Feel free to dress up tho 😉

  23. DJ M says:

    Also – live visuals by Mickey T from Drum Machine Museum !

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